Summer 2014 Independent Study Wrapup


We had four independent study* students this past summer. Students met weekly in the boardroom to troubleshoot and perfect their plans for world domination. Three of the projects provided new materials for our embedded systems course while helping out with our research, and one was a more classic research project where we needed a computer simulation done. The images above are based on their projects:
A. Reese Sexton: MAIM (Microcontroller Analog Input Module)
B. Jordan Meyer: NEPTUNE (Nanoporous Electroosmotic Pump To Usurp Nafion Electrodes)
C. Martin Dombi: SPATULA (Spiral Polymer Actuator Tester for Ultra Light Applications)
D. Sherman Dowell: MADMAN (Microcontroller-Based Acoustic Device for Making and Analyzing Noise)

*Students in the Speed School can receive 500- and 600- level course credit for individual lab projects. Ask about ECE 593/693!
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