Recent Student Deeds


Four independent study students finished projects in Spring 2015. (A) Tayce Lassiter tested a differential impedance circuit on paper microfluidics, and also built a metal case to keep out noise.(B) Juan Espinosa, our GE Edison student, carried on an embedded systems project on a self-filling water pitcher for the fridge. He also motivated the ECE 412 students at the start of final projects season with a guest lecture. Here is the new ECE412 final projects blog. (C) Thomas Johnson figured out how to get the QFI thermal imager talking to MATLAB so we can generate plots and charts of thermal data in our nanoparticle heating projects. (D) Thomas worked with samples from Caleb Sheehan, who translated our nanoparticle flow patterning method from silicon to glass substrates that had better thermal insulation for local temperature mapping.

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