Student Doings Lately

Surface charge density on a metal half spool, by Jordan Meyer in Coventorware

Surface charge density on a metal half spool, by Jordan Meyer in Coventorware

Some students have finished things, and others have started new projects.

Jordan Meyer finished her independent study, generating a beautiful image of surface charge density on metal structures using CoventorWare (pictured above), which will plug into Jaz Beharic’s research on flow through metallized membranes. Also last semester, Sherman Dowell and Martin Dombi completed independent studies that provided examples for future students in the ECE412 microcontroller course.

We welcome two new independent study students, Tayce Lassiter and Caleb Sheehan. Tayce is working on impedance sensing in paper and fiber microfluidics, and Caleb, fine-tuning our nanoparticle patterning process. They join Thomas Johnson, who is finishing up his work on mapping and measuring thermal effects of gold nanoparticle coatings.

Last year we said good bye to graduate Dr. Tom Lucas (currently a postdoc at UIC), and now we have a link to his Ph.D. thesis, “Development of a Light-Powered Microstructure: Enhancing Thermal Actuation with Near-Infrared Absorbent Gold Nanoparticles.

And Dr. Robert Stewart graduated with a Ph.D. from UK in Dr. Jimmy Fox’s group. Robert worked with us on wireless sensor networks for monitoring streams; here’s his thesis: “Decelerating Open Channel Flow Over Gravel: Turbulence Structure & Sensor Development.


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